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Some may ask why cruise?

Cruise customers’ are amongst the happiest holidaymakers. Customer satisfaction surveys regularly report over 90% satisfaction rating among cruise passengers.

Let us help you find the delights of cruising. Cruising is a perfect picturesque way to see towns, cities, countries, continents or the whole world without airports, delays or constant unpacking.

Whether you’re a first time cruiser or a seasoned traveler, we’ll find the cruise that's right for you and give you money back to spend on board.

Simply get on board, check in to your room, unpack your cases and let the cruise take you away. Europe, America, Asia, Africa or Australia, a cruise can take you anywhere!! Cruises’ have round the clock food, entertainment, pools, gyms, activities, kids clubs’ and thousands of people to entertain you night and day.

Why book your next cruise through LISA TRAVEL?

We will offer you the world’s most competitive prices from thousand’s of cruises available from all major cruise lines.

Not sure which cruise to select? Our experienced agents can assist. Reserve your spot today!

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