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Why not book your Hotel accommodation here?

Stay near the ocean, ski down impressive mountains, or have the time of your life in the desert. Whether you are travelling last minute, as a family or need accommodation for business we have the right hotel deal for you.

With over 230,000 hotels to choose from in 27,000 cities why would you book anywhere else. Australia, Europe, Asia or America we’ve got it all covered.

Remember here at LISA Travel when you book your hotel we give you 5% cash back to spend on your holiday.

How much you can save? Case study.

Family of 4 was looking to book a 2 bedroom apartment for 3 nights in Sydney, Darling Harbor (4 stars). Here's the break down of their cost options:

  • Standard rate - $1,913
  • Promotional rate - $1,636
  • LISA Travel rate - $1,463
  • Cashback - $65

The price they paid: $1,398! That's a 36.8% savings from standard rate or 17% savings from promotional rate!

Next Steps:

  1. Search for the hotel in your destination on our widget.
  2. When you find what you like submit your details into the Hotel Requirements form and paste the details about your hotel into the comments.
  3. See what price we can get for you & enjoy your savings :)

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